What Are The Health Benefits Of Amchur and Its Uses

Amchur, or dried mango powder, has been part of Indian cooking for ages. In Hindi, ‘aam’ means mango, and ‘chur’ means to crush. Several Asian cuisines have an affection for this dried green mango due to its unique flavor that is prepared by grinding it into powder. 

It is one of the Indian fruity spices prepared by using unripe and sun-dried mangoes. You can easily get your packet for seasoning dishes by ordering Amchur online. It imparts a sweet and sour taste and is liked by everyone irrespective of age. These spices not only make our food aromatic but make it a tasty delicacy.

It has been part of Ayurvedic medicine as it offers innumerable health benefits - Let’s get to know them.

Nutritional Value of Amchur

For every 10 grams of amchur powder, you get:

  • 36 calories
  • 1 g protein
  • 300 mg sodium
  • 9 g carbohydrates
  • 2 g fiber
  • 20 mg calcium
  • 1.2 mg vitamin C
Health Benefits of Amchur

Detoxify Body Amchur contains vitamin and beta carotenes which eliminate toxins and detoxify the body. It also has the capability to cure nervous disorders. Amchur has phenols that act as powerful antioxidants for the body.

Read More: Health Benefits of Turmeric Improves Digestion Order amchur online if you are conscious about your digestive system health. It improves digestion, combats constipation, and cures irregular bowel movements. It can be used to treat conditions like diarrhea and dysentery. Good For The Heart Amchur has a wonderful effect on your cardiovascular system and ensures to keep it healthy. It prevents heart failure with regular consumption. Cures Iron Deficiency Amchur is a rich source of iron and is highly recommended for pregnant and anemic women. If you suffer from iron deficiencies, it is generally advised to include amchur as part of your diet. Prevents And Treats Scurvy If you are looking for alternatives to Vitamin C pills, then get amchur online. It has proven facts to cure scurvy. Mix amchur with jaggery and consume daily for an immediate result. Improves Vision Vitamin A and E are quite essential for keeping your eyes and skin healthy. Consuming 1 tablespoon of amchur daily ensures to improves your eyesight and prevents eye-related conditions like cataracts. Induce Weight Loss Amchur has the property to boost metabolism and maintain hormone stability. This helps to keep the weight under check. This is generally recommended by dieticians in weight loss programs. Prevents Cancer Amchur has also shown positive results in treating cancer. It contains high amounts of vitamin C, which eliminate free radicals from the body d, ultimately keeping you healthy. Controls Blood Pressure and Diabetes Amchur helps to maintain a low glycemic index which directly affects fat levels. The potassium content in amchur regulates blood levels and maintains hormonal balance. Thus, keeping diabetes under control.

How To Use Amchur Daily?
Order amchur online and try out its unique and irreplaceable flavor. Its tenderizing qualities can work as a supplement for lime juice. Use it while preparing fish and chicken dishes. If you love to experiment, then why not add a tablespoon of amchur to your continental dishes. Try adding it to soups and chutneys, and curries for that extra zing and flavor.

Conclusion Other than these benefits, amchur also works to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. It works as an anti-aging treatment. And, there are practically no side effects of amchur. So, without any hesitation, order the best-packed and fresh amchur online from JK Cart. Use this wonder spice in your food daily and enjoy the benefits.