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JK Cardamom (Green)

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Intensely aromatic with a unique and strong taste. Be it your chai, kheer or even the beloved biryani, required in a very small portion to impart the correct amount of flavour.

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    Cardamom, also known as Elaichi is an intense, slightly sweet spice that brings warmth and sweetness to a dish. Elaichi originated in India and is now used worldwide not just in savouries but also in sweet delicacies. Cardamom is basically small pods containing several seeds that can be used either as whole or powder form or just the seeds inside the pods.

    There are two kinds of cardamom namely black cardamom and green cardamom. Elaichi was used as a mouth freshener in ancient times by the Egyptians, which even today is famous for the same reason, especially in India. The uses of Elaichi are unlimited, from different savouries to sweet dishes and some hot and cold drinks like tea or thandai. Green Elaichi being the most common and easily available is used mostly in sweet delicacies in different forms. Add two to three pods of JK Elaichi in your rice and enjoy the delicious taste.

     Buy cardamom online from JK Cart of the best quality and add it your spice box, make the regular tea a little more interesting by adding one or two whole cardamom pods or grind cardamom into powder form, add it in tea or coffee and enjoy the sweet, pungent flavour with a hint of mint in it. Based on what the recipe demands cardamom can be used as whole pods while cooking and serve the dish to guests. Elaichi is used in a variety of sweet dishes like carrot halwa, kheer, cham chams. It is also used to flavour milk to serve as a drink to guests or diners. Cardamom also has a spot in desserts like French toast, cookies, ice creams, cakes, and much more.

    Including cardamom in your daily diet has many health benefits too. They contain anti-oxidants which  help in fighting chronic diseases, digestive issues, vomiting, bad breath, cavities, infections. It also helps in reducing weight and has no side effects upon consumption.

    JK Cart offers premium quality Elaichi of two kinds, black Elaichi and green Elaichi in different packet sizes and at the best prices.

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