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JK Pani Puri Masala

BRAND : JK Masale

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Quick Overview

Pani Puri Masala gives you the flavour of a spicy and chatpata Pani Puri at home. It enhances the flavour with a variety of spices and brings out the foodie in you.

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    This is the go-to masala for all the Pani Puri lovers out there. Wondering how to make the tastiest Puchkas and Golgappas at home? Your search ends here. This masala is what you have been looking for. Not only Pani Puri, you can also use it with other dishes to enhance the taste and give it that chatapata flavour.

    Usage : To prepare pani for 100 puris, add 2 tbsp of JK Pani Puri Masala in 1.5 litres of water and stir.
    Chill, strain and serve with mint leaves, lime and salt to taste.

    Customer Reviews

    • Review by Amit Chanda on 03-Jul-2022
    • Review by Harsh Kedia on 13-Jun-2021
      Too good
    • Review by RUPAM BANERJEE on 02-Oct-2020