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JK Burnt Garlic Seasoning - Crusher

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With JK's Burnt Garlic Seasoning, easily create delicious and flavourful food. There are endless possibilities for our amazing blend - Love it on bread, cheese, potatoes, popcorn, vegetables, daal, rice, salads, oats or whatever else you desire. You can now transform your food into mouth-watering masterpieces in seconds. With this instant seasoning, impress your friends and family with renewed culinary skills, without overpowering its natural taste. JK's Burnt Garlic Seasoning can be added at any given point during baking, grilling, frying, smoking, broiling, raw, or in sauces, rubs and marinades.

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Burnt Garlic seasoning comes in handy while cooking elaborate dishes, the powdered form is easy to cook and takes lesser time as well. Burnt Garlic seasoning is the best solution for those who love the taste of garlic but dislike eating the garlic pieces that come in the dish. Garlic cloves are peeled, cut, heated,  hand crushed or machine crushed and then cooled down and further ground into the desired powdered form.

Garlic is the most loved spice in the Indian household, it brings out the best taste of the dish. Burnt Garlic seasoning adds flavour to the bland dish and even remains to be a healthy option. Burnt Garlic seasoning is used in various dishes like chili garlic sauce, Pizzas, Roti likes jawar Rotis, garlic Rotis, naans like soya methi garlic naan, pickles like garlic and tendli pickle, roasted garlic dressing, Methi garlic rice. Other dishes where burnt garlic seasoning can be added are burnt garlic fried rice, pasta, garlic bread, chutneys, soups, rasam, garlic noodles, parsley rice, gobi ki sabzi, breadsticks, Tawa sandwich, lahasuni bhindi, roasted pumpkin, stuffed breadsticks, Mexican potato salad and many more dishes. The use of burnt garlic seasoning is unlimited, the list can go on and on. One can even get innovative with burnt garlic seasoning and try new dishes. Burnt garlic seasoning is one of the spices that can never spoil a dish, it only adds on to the taste of the dish and makes even more appetizing and irresistible.

Garlic also has health benefits that we might not be aware of. Garlic seasoning is great for the heart and circulatory system, can lower cholesterol levels, reduces high blood pressure due to the anti-oxidant properties, helps regulate blood sugar levels, cure cold and flu, garlic tea with some honey and ginger helps relieve stuffed nose, cold and also helps build immunity. Garlic is known to promote healthy skin and hair, it slows down aging skin, best for skin infections, and more. With so many health benefits, how can one wait? Buy garlic online today from JK Cart .

Customer Reviews

  • Review by ravi shanker on 21-Dec-2021
  • Review by Ambarish Ghosh on 01-Sep-2021
    Very useful Product From any Dishes
  • Review by Purnima Kataria on 23-Jan-2021
    Highly recommend