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JK Italian Seasoning Crusher

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JK Italian Seasoning is a perfect blend of dried herbs and spices creating the perfect addition to your pasta sauces, soups, stews, or marinades or your choice. The possibilities are completely endless! JK Italian Seasoning is perfect for grilled vegetables, sprinkled on pizza or used in soups or sauces. This mildly flavoured seasoning has just the right balance of herbs and spices, with just a hint of spice from JK Red Chili Flakes! JK's Italian Seasoning is a versatile seasoning that makes a fantastic addition to your spice rack. Add it to your favourite recipe that calls for Italian Seasoning or even as a replacement for recipes that simply call for oregano or basil! You will not be disappointed! Reach for it time and again as your favourite seasoning!

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Italian seasoning is a mix of herbs and spices namely oregano, basil, thyme, and rosemary, and sometimes marjoram, parsley red chili flakes, garlic powder are also added in some recipes to add the additional flavour.

 Italian seasoning originated from the Mediterranean and now is available around the world, however, this seasoning is rarely found in Italy. Italian seasoning as the name suggests is used to season various Italian dishes like pizza, pasta, sub sandwiches, salads, fresh tomatoes, pasta sauces, marinades, soups, and more. There are other food items like nachos, tacos, tortillas, and stir fry vegetables in which Italian seasoning is added to give the dish a flavour and character. It is a wonderful mix of various herbs and spices, where each spice and herb add their taste to the mix and enhance the taste of any dish that it is added to. Get your Italian seasoning online today from JK Cart of the best quality at competitive prices.

Add a pinch of JK Italian seasoning to your pizza, grilled potatoes hamburgers, cheese sticks, Kale and bean soup, Lasagna, and any other Italian dish and enjoy the Italian smell and taste even without having to visit Italy.

 A lot of us have an assumption that Italian seasoning is unhealthy to eat, however, this assumption is incorrect, due to the wonderful mix of various herbs and spices, this seasoning automatically becomes healthy to eat. The herbs and spices contain important nutrients like vitamins, antioxidants fiber, and more. Marjoram, thyme, and basil are a good source of vitamin K and also contain small amounts of vitamin A and B-6. Rosemary contains vitamin C, thyme and oregano contain antioxidants that are necessary for the human body. Italian seasoning also contains minerals like iron, manganese, calcium, and magnesium. Italian seasoning can also help us with various health issues like gastrointestinal illness, constipation, digestion, and keeps the heart healthy by reducing the risk of heart attacks. It also helps prevent lung infections, protects our bodies from allergies, colds, flu, asthma, and overall makes our immunity strong.

Customer Reviews

  • Review by Pallabi Das on 24-May-2022
    Crusher is not working properly. Wastage of money
  • Review by ravi shanker on 21-Dec-2021
  • Review by Achal Jain on 22-Jul-2021
    Adds taste to any dish
  • Review by Doyel Mukherjee on 12-Jul-2021
    Good product
  • Review by Taraknath Karmakar on 04-Jul-2021