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JK Cassia Powder

BRAND : JK Masale

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Cassia Powder is widely used as an immunity boosting and flavouring agent in food and beverages. It is widely used as anti - inflammatory in Indian households and can be added to haldi doodh and tea.

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    Cassia powder is also known as Dalchini, darchini, and dhall cheene is the inner bark of the tropical evergreen tree. Dalchini is harvested in strips folded inside one another. The strips are generally thin and finely ground into a powder form. Cassia powder is used in bakery items like cakes and rolls, milk and rice puddings, chocolate dishes, and fruit desserts. It is also used in curries and rice items like pulao. Cassia powder or Dalchini is one of the components of Garam masala. It is also used in hot and cold drinks like chai, coffee, mulled wines, creams, and syrups. Many Indian dishes include cassia powder as a part of their recipes ,like a mixed vegetable in Patiala style, Massaman Curried rice, sprouts missal, a sweet dish like Angoori Rabri, stuffed carrot halwa pancake, Kesar Sandesh bhog, and many more. A lot of baked items, cold drinks, and sweet dishes use dalchini very often, like Nutty hot chocolate, sweet peach pickle, cappuccino doughnuts, Crepes, Baklava, Detox tea, French apple tart, apple rolls, milkshakes, and many more. The list goes on and on and the uses of cassia powder are unlimited.

    Buy Cassia powder today and try new dishes and baked items and satisfy your taste buds. Cassia powder has found an important place in medicine and Ayurveda since it is loaded with antioxidants and the anti-inflammatory properties help fight infection and repair damaged tissues. It also helps control the bad cholesterol, and have beneficial effects on the blood. It is also known to reduce blood pressure and it also has a powerful anti-diabetic effect that helps control sugar levels. Cassia powder is also known to fight bacterial and fungal infections and also aids in weight loss. For hair related issues cassia powder can also help with hair growth, act as a scalp cleanser.

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