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JK Sounf Whole

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A powerhouse of flavour and goodness, rich in minerals which helps in reducing water retention and purifies blood. It has immense health benefits, besides being used in vegetable dishes.

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    Saunf, also known as fennel seeds, is commonly used as a mouth freshener by people across India. But, did you know saunf plays a good role in many Indian delicacies? Saunf or fennel seeds are used in many Indian dishes that enhance the taste and the fresh aroma makes the dish even more appetizing. Fennel seeds are the dried seeds of an aromatic herb called fennel plant, they are 4-8 mm long and look like a grooved or rigged grain of rice. Saunf colour ranges from bright green to pale green and tan colour and tastes sweet and fresh. Saunf can be used as seeds or can be churned into a powder which then can be used in various Indian dishes like pickles, chutneys, or parathas.

     Add a bit of saunf seeds or mildly ground saunf to your salads and soups and experience the freshness and exquisite flavours. Saunf has more benefits than just acting as a mouth freshener. Ayurveda textbooks have mentioned various benefits of consuming saunf in different ways.

     Saunf is good for digestion and has cooling properties. Hence, we Indians use saunf in many other delicacies as well. Not just in India, saunf is used in European, Middle Eastern, and Chinese cuisines as well. They are either used in form of seeds or ground into powder form and used in dishes like sauces, condiments, bread, cakes, pancakes, desserts, and many drinks. Saunf has many health benefits, Ayurveda states that saunf helps regulate blood pressure and controls heart rate. Drinking saunf water reduces urinary tract infections and reduces excess water retention. Saunf can also be consumed as a tea, which is beneficial for constipation, bloating, and indigestion. It also helps fight asthma, purifies blood, and improves eyesight. Are you worried that your toddler is not eating the right amounts of food? Saunf is your solution, get premium quality saunf online, and feed the saunf water in small quantities to your child. Saunf helps stimulate appetite and improve digestion not just among toddlers and children but also adults.

     So what are you waiting for? Buy saunf online from JK Cart and get the best quality saunf delivered to you and reap the various health benefits of saunf. Restaurants serve saunf at the end of dining, intending to help you digest the delicious food that you ate, why not give the same experience to your guests that arrive home for lunch or dinner? 

    Customer Reviews

    • Review by Amitava P on 30-Dec-2022
      The poppy seed packet had a hole
    • Review by SANJAY RAY on 23-Dec-2022
      Good quality.
    • Review by JAYANTA DUTTA on 03-Jun-2022
    • Review by RUPAM BHATTACHARYA on 14-May-2022
    • Review by Nabanita Biswas on 10-May-2022
      It is good.