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JK Cooking Soda

BRAND : Green

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Quick Overview

Cooking soda is widely used in baking because of its leavening properties. Aside from cooking, it has various household and health benefits.

100 g
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    Our cooking soda is a household staple. Whether it comes to baking, cleaning or health benefits, this ingredient does it all. It is a must - have if you are baking cakes or removing tough stains. It can also treat heart burn and help you whiten your teeth.

    Customer Reviews

    • Review by BIPLAB KISHORE ROY on 26-May-2021
      Nice product and excellent delivery.
    • Review by Joydeep Bardhan on 08-Jan-2021
      We loved it!
    • Review by Abhijit Dutta on 06-Sep-2020
      Very nice product.