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JK Dry Mango Powder

BRAND : JK Masale

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Used as a tangy seasioning, which balances out the sweet and spicy flavours. Add that extra zing to your chaats and curries with this spice.

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    Here’s the secret to a perfect chana masala! The tangy, tart flavour that amchoor or dried mango powder provides is what elevates a good Indian curry from delicious to addictive. 

    This citrusy, fruity flavouring is a sour powder made out of sun-dried raw Indian mangoes, and widely used across the Indian cuisine to balance out sweet, hot and spicy flavours. Iconic dishes like pindi chhole, shahi paneer are incomplete without adding some amchur. It lends a more wholesome flavour profile to a complex curry, and will be a great addition to your spice rack! 

    You can use JK Masale’s amchoor powder to:

    - top off a pot of chana masala and wow your tastebuds

    - Make yummy raitas

    - Make condiments like mint chutney and tamarind chutney

    - Add it to cut fruits like watermelon and pineapple to balance out the sweetness

    - Top fried or grilled veggies - try grilled zuchhini dusted with amchur and cumin powder and become a convert!

    - Make amchoor salad dressing - whisk it with olive oil and lemon, and use it to top a fresh lettuce and cucumber salad

    - Flavour fillings for samosas and Indian-style vegetable fritters or pakodas

    - Add a different flavour to dals and curries

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    • Review by Siva Krishna on 09-Nov-2021
      I love you products and services
    • Review by NEENA SEAL on 30-May-2021
      v good
    • Review by Deepa MUKHERJEE on 14-Jan-2021
      Very nice
    • Review by Somnath De on 26-Dec-2020
    • Review by Ashok Jhunjhunwala on 17-Dec-2020