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JK Dhaniya Powder

BRAND : JK Masale

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One of the major ingredients used while cooking vegetables. Dhaniya powder is used to make any gravy or curry more flavourful and teams up very with other spices while cooking.

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    Dhania powder also known as coriander powder is nothing but the powder form of seeds of the coriander plant. Dhania powder is a green-brown coloured powder that adds a mild earthy and peppery flavour to dishes. Dhania powder is another spice that our kitchen spice boxes and our Indian dishes are incomplete without. It does not have a strong flavour, but just like Haldi and red chili powder, dhania powder is a spice that has found its spot in almost every Indian dish that is prepared. It is used in marinades, sauces, spice mixes, and more. Like many other spices, dhania powder has gained popularity in many other parts of the world like Mexico and South Western parts of the USA. Many famous Indian dishes like chole bhature, dal baati Churma, rasam, kara kuzhambu, snacks like samosa, and kachori include a combination of spices including dhania powder. Dhania powder can also be added in salads, pancakes, and waffle mixes for those who love the earthy taste in their food.

    Dhania powder is also well known for its health benefits, it acts as an aid for digestion. A small amount of dhania powder with a pinch of asafoetida and rock salt is the perfect solution for your digestive issues. It is also known to stimulate appetite and acts as a wonderful pain reliever. Suffering from headache, stiffness, or arthritis? Dhania powder may be the best solution, buy the dhania powder packet today and bring a small change in your kitchen and life. Dhania powder has other benefits like cholesterol management, controls diabetes, fights flu and cold. Consuming dhania powder as prescribed can help relieve many health issues that we face today due to our busy schedules, we might not be able to give enough time to ourselves to exercise, but worry not, Ayurveda has mentioned various benefits of making dhania powder a part of your daily diet. It is also known to prevent menstrual irregularities and reduce menstrual pains. 

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