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JK Garam Masala Whole

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JK Masale's version of garam masala has a combo of cloves, cardamom and cinnamon which can be used in variety of dishes, ranging from curries, dals, rice or even your daily chai.

50 g
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    A vatiety of garam masala compositions are available in our country. JK Masale's version has Cloves, Cardamom and Cassia bark (Cinnamon). It is a basic combination of whole spices that can be used in a wide variety of spiced rice and lentil dishes, not to mention curries and stews. Add it to hot oil or ghee before you fry the remaining ingredients, and watch magic happen in your kitchen! Gently bruise some of the masala in a pestle and add it to your masala chai with fresh ginger for an irresistible smell and flavour, fresher and more robust than packaged chai spices! JK Masale's whole garam masala is specially packed to retain the freshness of its ingredients. Use it as you please, depending on which spice you love the most. It's incredibly versatile and incredibly delicious.

    Customer Reviews

    • Review by Akash Manna on 01-Jun-2021
      Garam Masala was fresh and clean and aromatic. Liked the product.
    • Review by Joydeep Bardhan on 30-May-2021
      Loved it! Will order again! :)
    • Review by Somankar Tripathi on 27-Aug-2020
      Very good
    • Review by Vishmapratim Datta on 27-Aug-2020