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JK Jaifal

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Adding the magic to rich curries ranging from Mughlai to Malabar traditions or even dairy desserts, this spice is surely going to be one of the most versatile ingredients on your rack.

25 g
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    One of the key players in the historic spice trade, nutmeg enjoys pride of place in most kitchens even today. It is sure to become one of the most versatile ingredients in your spice rack. Here is what you can do with a packet of JK Masale?s Nutmeg: - Make unspeakably delicious Indian cuisine, especially rich curries from the Mughlai and Malabar traditions, and creamy delicately flavoured dairy desserts like kheer and shahi tukda. - Explore the rich culinary traditions of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, with tender stews and spicy biryani, using nutmeg as a definitive flavouring spice - Create Indonesian dishes, especially spicy oxtail soup. Originally native to Indonesia, nutmeg finds a wide variety of use in the cuisine of Java and Sumatra - a culinary adventure you won?t ever regret! - Add it to Dutch-style mashed potatoes and brussels sprouts to elevate a regular roast - Sprinkle some into rice pudding, apple crumbles and the baked desserts - Use it in traditional Italian and tortellini This is a spice that will truly spice up your life! Get yourself a pack of JK Masale?s Nutmeg today!

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    • Review by Amit Chanda on 03-Jul-2022
    • Review by Somnath De on 23-Jun-2022
      Not fresh
    • Review by Joydeep Bardhan on 25-Mar-2022
      Loved it! Will order again! :)
    • Review by lisha biswas on 27-Feb-2022
      Awesome products
    • Review by SARMISTHA Chatterjee on 12-Nov-2021
      I am using j.k.masala for the last 20 years. Used this website for the first time. Extremely helpful they are. Everyone must go on to avail hassle free purchase