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JK Mace/Javitri

BRAND : JK Green

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Add a tiny bit of javitiri with nutmeg to spice up your apple pie or puddies for the holiday season ot flavour your stews and curry with it. It has hints of cinnamon and pepper, and when used in small quantities, will elevate the taste of dishes.

25 g
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    Mace or javitri as it is known in India, can be considered the sibling of nutmeg. Part of the same plant, mace flowers are the delicate orange casings that cover the nutmeg seed. Thus they share similar flavour profiles, and can be used together in most dishes that call for nutmeg. They are used in place of saffron in several dishes for the delicate orange hue they impart to dishes. Mace pairs very well with apple - try adding a tiny bit along with nutmeg to spiced apple pie and fruit puddings! It is also a great spice to throw into some spiced rum or hot toddy, and will work very well in spice infusions for sore throats, being full of anti-inflammatory and cold-busting properties. Traditionally used in the Indian subcontinent to flavor stews, curries and biryanis, mace is an under-utilised yet potent addition to build up layers of flavour in dishes. It has hints of cinnamon and pepper, and when used in small quantities, will elevate any dish to lip-smacking deliciousness just through its fragrance alone, so try JK Masale?s mace today and discover a unique new spice that will work wonders in your kitchen!

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    • Review by Amit Chanda on 03-Jul-2022
    • Review by Joydeep Bardhan on 05-Feb-2021
      Loved it! Will order again! :)
    • Review by PURANJOY CHAUDHURY on 10-Jan-2021