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JK Kala Jeera Whole

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JK's Kala Jeera packs a solid punch of flavour when added to stews and daals or even vegetable stir fries. You might also see these black seeds traditionally flecking soft, buttery naans.

100 g
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    Kala Jeera or Black Cumin seeds are also known as Kalaunji in Hindi, Karunjeeragam in Tamil, Karinjeerakam in Malayalam. They are seeds made from cumin plant that are native to Asia, India, and Pakistan. Kala Jeera is a narrow, tiny, and curved shaped seed with a strong earthy aroma that becomes nutty when cooked. Kala Jeera is not the same as Cumin seeds however, the method to use it is the same. Kala Jeera has an astringent and very bitter taste. It is rich in essential oil and is consumed like a condiment and medicine. It is found in dry regions like the northwest Himalayas, alpines of Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir, and Uttaranchal. It is used on naan bread, lentils, as a garnish on vegetables, and added in soups to boost the flavour of the dish and give it an earthy aroma.

    Kalaunji can be used on various types of bread, and cookies, used in snack items like samosa, papadi, kachori, and more. It is a spice that is a part of every Indian kitchen. Along with enhancing the taste, it also has many other health benefits since it is loaded with vitamins, amino acids, crude fiber, proteins, and fatty acids like sodium, iron, alkaloids, potassium, and calcium. With these many healthy elements in Kala jeera, is a must have in the kitchen. These elements help keep our heart healthy and resolve breathing issues. It fights skin issues like acne, keeping pure kalaunji oil handy is recommended for anyone facing acne issues and with regular application, acne will no longer be a concern.

    One of the most famous remedies of kalaunji is diabetes, consuming kalaunji regularly as per the prescription can help keep diabetes in control without any other side effects on one’s health. Dieticians and all other health enthusiasts recommend kalaunji as one of the safest options to lose weight, with a combination of warm water, lemon and honey add a small quantity of powdered kalaunji and notice the wonderful change in your health and weight. There are other benefits of consuming Kala jeera as well, like relief in joint pain, controlling blood pressure, protecting the kidney from kidney stones, making teeth stronger. 

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