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JK Ajwan Whole

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A scented spice with an aromatic essesnce without which any dal tadka is incomplete. Not only does it add flavour to the food but also helps in maintinging digestive health.

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    Ajwain whole seeds, also known as ajwon caraway, bishop’s weed, and carom seeds, have a pungent taste similar to that of anise and thyme. Ajwain whole seeds are in fact fruits and not seeds, that are tempered in oil to get a mild flavour and are commonly found in the Indian kitchen. Cooked Ajwain seeds have a smoky flavour that adds the same taste to the dishes. Ajwain whole seeds have a very powerful aroma and flavour and can easily overtake the other spices, hence it is added in very small quantities.

    The uses of Ajwain whole seeds are unlimited, they are used in baked items, dals, parathas, roti, street food items like samosa, kachori. Ajwain whole seeds are also added in other food items like paneer pakoras, bhajiyas, and the famous Gujrati item Fafda. They are also used in different kinds of parathas like the methi missi paratha, matar paratha and it can also be added to the batter of plain wheat paratha. Ajwain whole seeds are have found their spot in many north Indian dishes like the authentic Dal Baati Churma, other Gujrati dishes like Mixed Dal Handvo, Dal Dhokli, Mag Dal Ki Kachori, Oondhiya, and more. Other dishes like Tandooris Paneer tikka, Kebabs, Papadi chaat, Mathri, Nacho chips, Tomato Chutney, Gatte ki Kadhi, also use Ajwain whole seeds.

     Ajwain whole seeds are a must in the spice box, buy Ajwain whole online from JK Cart at the best prices, make it a part of your daily cooking, and enjoy the distinctive taste of Ajwain whole seeds.

    Want to try mouth-watering recipes, add JK Ajwain whole seeds to your recipes, and enjoy the taste delicious restaurant-style food at home. Apart from taste, Ajwain whole seeds are also known to have several health benefits. Consuming Ajwain whole seeds with a pinch of black salt and some water, or consuming Ajwain water after a heavy meal helps digest food easily, relieves acidity, and helps with weight loss. Ajwain and turmeric milk together help get rid of the cold and sore throat. 

    Customer Reviews

    • Review by PIYA BHATTACHARJEE on 05-Dec-2022
      Fresh and crisp
    • Review by Ashish Biswas on 14-Nov-2022
    • Review by SANJAY RAY on 04-Oct-2022
      Good quality.
    • Review by T. Rajiv Mitra on 19-May-2022
    • Review by Priyabrata Ghoshal on 12-May-2022