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JK Pav Bhaji Masala

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An iconic dish from Bombay that leaves your taste buds asking for more and more. Make your bhaaji yummier with JK's Pav Bhaji Masala, and enjoy this dish endlessy with buttery pavs.

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    Pav bhaji, the most delicious of street food preparations from India. Born in the busy streets of Bombay, pav bhaji is iconic as a quick snack to fill a raging hunger after a day’s work. But it can also be a meal in it-self. Traditionally consisting of buttery, fluffy locally-baked bread rolls (pav) served with a thick spiced vegetable curry with potatoes, tomatoes and other vegetables, the secret to a good pav bhaji lies in its spice blend, or masala.

    That is where JK Masale comes in. Our pav bhaji masala is made with Bay leaves, Black pepper powder, Black cardamom, Cassia (cinnamon bark), Chillies, Cloves, Common salt, Coriander, Cumin, Dry ginger, Dry mango, Triphala, Turmeric, Fennel and Star AniseJK Pav Bhaji masala will create an authentic Bombay-style pav bhaji in the familiarity of your kitchen. The wide variety of vegetables used makes pav bhaji a super nutritious and healthy dish if made at home. 

    Add ons like grated cheese and paneer are always welcome, but you can even omit the butter for a deli-cious vegan version. Get JK Pav Bhaji Masala today and discover the no-frills deliciousness of this mouthwatering spice blend."

    Customer Reviews

    • Review by Fathima Shajahan on 20-Oct-2021
      Nice Product
    • Review by Achal Jain on 22-Jul-2021
      Best pav bhaji masala I have had
    • Review by DIPNARAYAN MONDAL on 03-Jul-2021
      Very nice
    • Review by Harsh Kedia on 13-Jun-2021
      Not opened yet