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JK Poha


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JK Poha is a flattened/beaten rice with paper thin flakes.
 It is used to make different kinds of Poha recipes, a dish which is widely loved in India and serves as a breakfast to many.

500 g
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    Hungry but no time to cook something elaborate? Presenting to you our Poha packet, one of the most loved meals by Maharashtrians. Poha is easy-to-cook, light, and has nutritional benefits. Poha, also known as flattened rice or flaked rice, is nothing but rice that is parboiled, rolled, flattened, and dried up. Poha will never cease to surprise your taste buds, it can be consumed for breakfast or as a snack, the easy-to-cook poha takes only minutes to prepare.

    Poha, the ultimate breakfast option can also be used to make a sweet-savoury or a snack. Poha garnished with coconut, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and with some spices like salt and turmeric powder brings out the wonderful taste that will not just satisfy your taste buds, but also your hunger. Craving for mid-meal snacks or running out of snack options to offer to guests? No problem, buy JK poha online, toast it, add spices, groundnuts, roasted green or red chilies, and your tasty snack is ready to eat. Want to eat a healthier option? Eat poha as cereals, mix it with milk or curd add your favourite fruits and they are ready to be eaten as breakfast or just boil poha like oatmeal.

    Whatever may be the situation, poha is the ultimate solution to your cooking problems, want to eat something sweet and healthy at the same time? buy JK poha online add some milk and sugar or honey and a sweet dish is ready to be served, it can also be used as prasad or offerings to the Gods.

    The easy-to-cook poha has plentiful carbohydrates, making it the most preferred breakfast option, a single serving can keep your stomach full and for hours most importantly it keeps you energetic for long hours. Poha is also a good source of iron, the production process of rolling rice into poha makes it a good source of iron. It also acts as a good probiotic, during the process of soaking, poha undergoes fermentation making it a good probiotic that is beneficial for the gut and digestion. Eating healthy and cooking is now easy with our poha packet available online on our website.

    Customer Reviews

    • Review by PULKIT GOENKA on 17-Nov-2021
      superb it is, best poha till now, it is so clean and fresh
    • Review by Kanaka Rachapalli on 16-Oct-2021
    • Review by Rakesh Kumar Gandotra on 06-Oct-2021
    • Review by ANUP Mukherjee on 10-Sep-2021
      So authentic
    • Review by SUDIPTA MONDAL on 07-Sep-2021
      Good quality .