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JK Sabudana Big Whole

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JK Sabudana is the perfect mate during any Indian fast. Our healthy and gluten free sago pearls have the correct texture and spongines when cooked. Toss up yummy khichdi, crunchy vadas or sweet kheer and relish them thouroughly.

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    Sabudana is also known as Sago, Saksak, Rabia, and Sagu in different parts of the world. It is nothing but edible starch extracted from the spongy part of the tropical palm trees. Sabudana, the small white pearls, is the staple food of the tropical regions and is healthy, in fact, lately many of the fitness enthusiasts have started adding Sabudana in their daily routine. Every 100gms of Sabudana pearls contain 332 calories and the gluten-free composition makes it naturally healthy and a wonderful source of light carbs. Sabudana is famously used during fasts. Every recipe of Sabudana requires the pearls to be separate, over-soaking it would turn it into a paste. When cooked, Sabudana pearls turn into soft, spongy, translucent pearls making it suitable for various traditional Indian dishes.

    In the North and West, India Sabudana is mainly used as a dish during the fasts and as snacks, like sabudana vada or sabudana khichdi, and in the South, it is used to prepare a different kind of papad and a sweet dish called Javvarisi Payasam. Sabudana small pearls can be used in many recipes like the Sabudana Chivda, Sabudana Dosa, Sabudana Thalpeeth, sabudana balls, Sabudana Pakoda, and many more. Sabudana is also used in making sweet dishes like Sabudana kheer, a famous dish used in weddings in Hyderabad called Gil-e-Firdaus, Dahi Sabudana, and various other dishes that can be prepared using Sabudana pearls. With these many dishes to try one cannot wait, buy Sabudana small online from JK Cart today and enjoy the taste of Sabudana in different forms and styles.

     Sabudana is also known for its various health benefits. The main reason why Sabudana pearls are eaten during the fasts in festivals like Navratri and Shivratri is that it provides an immense amount of energy. Sabudana small is gluten-free, non-allergic which makes it consumable by almost anyone. It prevents bloating, indigestion, gas issues, and constipation and the fiber present balances the healthy gut bacteria. Sabudana is also rich in folate and vitamin B6 that promotes fetus development and prevents neural tube defects occurrences in infants. It promotes heart health, lowers blood pressure, and also improves exercise performance. Sabudana is also rich in calcium, magnesium, and iron that promote bone tissue creation and strengthen the bones and helps in muscle growth. Reap the benefits today, buy Sabudana online from JK Cart of premium quality at the best prices.

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