5 Spices That Are Used for Food Preservation

You can easily store your food in the refrigerator and keep it fresh for a long time, but every time food is not meant for storing in your refrigerator. Furthermore, what if this appliance goes through a sudden breakdown? This is when you need to rely on homemade hacks that can help to keep the food fresh for an extended period.

Spices have been the specialty of India, and you might not know that it is also a natural food preservative. It helps to maintain the food quality for a long time and also keeps them ready to eat. These are quite easy to obtain, and you can order online the best cumin seeds in India.

Is it safe to use spices as a food preservative?

You can find it in the form of whole, broken or grounded variants. Other than just seasoning, it also has immense nutritive value. Across India, you can find 100 + varieties of spices, and each has its own speciality.

Research is even being focused on deriving methods to use spice extract so that it can be used in the form of food preservatives to improve the safety of food products. When compared to chemical preservatives, spices can help to promote health and well-being. Additionally, it also acts as a natural food supplement or herbal remedy.

If you look back in time, then spices have always been welcomed for their medicinal property and flavourful enhancement. They were even used as food coloring agents and for treating various diseases.

Why should you depend on spices for food preservation?

Spices are counted among the most common food preservation techniques, such as freezing, canning, smoking, salting and pickling.

  • It is a scientifically proven fact that spices can be used for food preservation.
  • Spices can be used as food preservatives by the one who is health conscious.
  • It has many health advantages other than adding flavor and color to food.
  • Spices are easily accessible and found in abundance across India.
  • It is the most approachable way to avoid chemical preservation methods.

5 Spices that are incredible food preservatives

You can get all the essential spices that help to preserve food right in your kitchen. However, most people are unaware of how they can be used to preserve food. Using natural remedies helps to keep the food in its original flavor and also reduces the chances of food poisoning.

So, let's get to know about the best spices that can eliminate the risk of food spoilage and also act as a potent food seasoning.


Salt has been used to preserve meat, vegetables, seafood, etc., for centuries. This was the most used spice even before the invention of the refrigerator. The property that makes this spice one of the best food preserving agents is its ability to draw moisture, which is the breeding ground for bacteria and microbes. Thus, salt prevents the growth of microbes and keeps the food edible for a longer duration.


Cumin is the best alternative to salt, and you can order the best cumin seeds in India. Further, it is also being used for decades to preserve food. This spice is also known as the “Spice of the Ancients”, and it contains anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidants properties. Thus, when you add Cumin to food, it keeps the food fresh for hours and prevents oxidation.

Black Pepper

Other than being a seasoning agent, black pepper also has antimicrobial and antifungal properties. It has prebiotic properties that make it an excellent spice to preserve jams, pickles, candies, etc. 

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You can easily get this black pepper in two forms - whole and powdered. Use the whole peppercorns to preserve pickles and the grounded black pepper to preserve jams and similar food products. If you want to extend the shelf life of these food items, then remove the seal, add black pepper and rest assured.


Do you have an upset stomach? Are you suffering from diarrhea, stomach cramps and flu? Then, it might be due to the consumption of food infected by toxic bacteria. Thus, you need to add food preservatives to prevent food spoilage. Ginger, in whole form or powder, can be used as an alternative to chemical preservatives. So, restrict the formation of bacteria and keep your food fresh by adding ginger to the food. 

This spice is not only one of the core ingredients while cooking but also one of the best food preservatives properties. Ginger paste has antimicrobial and anti-carcinogenic properties, and this helps to increase the shelf life of the food. 

Mustard seeds

Mustard seed is counted among the hot spices and is quite an essential Indian spice for cooking traditional dishes. These can help to prevent the growth of toxic bacteria and also prevent food from getting spoiled. Mustard seed waste is used in the form of food preservation, and it is also quite beneficial. Add mustard seeds to raw tuna, beef or mustard to keep it fresh for hours. According to the latest research, it also has an antibacterial effect and is thought to replace chemical and harmful food preservatives. 

Apart from the ones mentioned above, you can also use saffron, garlic, coriander, and rosemary to preserve food. Use oregano, cloves and cinnamon to prevent the raw chicken from getting spoiled by microbial growth. These Indian spices are a perfect way to increase the shelf life of food products. Further, these spices also help to improve digestion and prevent the chance of infections. 


Indian spices have numerous qualities that keep them in demand across the globe. Its aroma, flavor and taste are incredible and enhance the quality of your meal. Besides these, its positive effect on health keeps it on the verge of high demand and supply chain.

But, here lies the question - Can spices be harmful? Suppose you want to use spices as food preservatives and rely on adulterated and loose or unpacked spices, then you might put your well-being at risk. So, get fresh spice only from reputed spices manufacturers. 

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