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JK Black Pepper Whole

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Crush some whole black pepper on your salads or hash browns and see how it lends and abosultely amazing flavour to your dish.

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    Black pepper whole or peppercorns, also known as Kala mirch, kali Mirchi in Hindi, Kurumugalu in Malayalam, milagu in Tamil, are known to have originated in the Western Ghats of Kerala. Black pepper, native to Southern India, is obtained from pepper plants that are grown for a minimum of 3 years and when the seeds finally bloom they are picked whilst still unripe and green in colour and are then dried up until they turn into dark brown or black colour. Black pepper is often referred to as ‘king of spice’ and has a long history in India and gradually making its way to other countries like Brazil, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, China, and Thailand.

    Kali Mirchi, one of the most famous spices of all time, adds flavour to otherwise boring and tasteless food. Kala mirch is added in soups, hot drinks like chai/tea, in cooking various traditional Indian cuisines like vegetable-based dishes, used in marinades, avocado toasts, sandwiches, burgers and many more.

    Does the salad taste plain? Add some black pepper and enjoy the new taste. Black pepper whole can be used in both powder form and as seeds depending on what the recipe requires.

     Black pepper is also known for its various health benefits. It helps cure a cold, fever, flu, and cough when prepared in tea or another herbal drink called kaadha. It can also be used to gargle to relieve a sore throat. It is known as a good source of manganese and iron that is vital for body functioning. Black pepper is also used as one of the components in mouthwashes, also used to treat fatigue and tiredness. Kali Mirchi, when eaten with food, helps the body absorb valuable vitamins and minerals.

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    • Review by TAPAN KUMAR MITRA on 06-Aug-2022
    • Review by JAYANTA DUTTA on 03-Jun-2022
      Very good
    • Review by Prasanta Chowdhury on 29-Apr-2022
    • Review by Swati Mukherjee on 02-Dec-2021
      গোলমরিচ গুলি একদম পরিষ্কার। সবকটা দানা ভাল আর বড়।
    • Review by Ayan Ganguly on 03-Nov-2021