6 Impressive Health Benefits Of Almonds That Will Surprise You

You must be quite familiar with the teardrop-shaped edible dry fruits called “badam” or almond. And, you can easily order a fresh packet of almonds online.

It is quite a common scenario in Indian homes to provide children with almonds, early in the morning. You can also add almonds to your breakfast, crush them and add it to your milk, or have it as a snack. Based on your preference, you can consume almonds in raw form or toasted or sliced or silver or buttered.

Starting from fulfilling the energy requirement to providing radiating skin - the almond is a “super nut” that comes loaded with high nutritional value and impressive health benefits that would surprise you.

Health Benefits of Almonds

Almonds have been part of the ayurvedic medications for decades. And, there is a proven fact that they can boost intellectual abilities. 

It is a healthy and quick solution to get relief from constipation, cough, diabetes, etc. Along with that, almonds also maintain your hair and skin.

Lowers Cholesterol 

Heart diseases get triggered due to the high level of bad cholesterol present in the blood, LDL lipoproteins. Almonds have vitamin E, which works to reduce cholesterol levels. 

It also works as an antioxidant, restricting the formation of plague. It prevents clogging of the artery by the cholesterol oxidation process. 

Improves Brain Efficiency

Almonds are stuffed with folate and unsaturated fatty acids, which are neuroprotective sources. They also contain riboflavin which works towards brain development in growing children.

Almonds are considered an essential food item that helps to keep the nervous system functioning. It also has shown progressive results to reduce the chances of cognitive diseases in elders.

Prevents Heart Disease

To keep a healthy heart, you need to incorporate protein, potassium, and unsaturated fat into your diet. And, you can get these nutrients in a handful of almonds. 

They also have magnesium content, which helps prevent heart attack and reduces artery-damaging inflammation. Improve vascular function, respective of age, by ordering fresh almonds online.

Help in Weight Maintenance 

Unsatisfied hunger pranks are the primary reason for gaining weight. And, almonds can keep you full for a long period of time. Due to its high dietary fiber content, you do not feel hungry even if you consume a small quantity. 

And, this works like a miracle for obese people. The magnesium content of almonds reduces food intake, which reduces weight faster.

Improves Digestion

Almonds have probiotic components that help in the growth of good bacteria. It keeps the pH level balanced in the body and regulates proper digestion.

Almonds have a detoxification property that works against minimizing several gastrointestinal diseases.

Improve The Immune System

Almonds are a source of alkaline material. This helps build the immune system, and vitamin E eliminates free radicals from the body. Almonds work to minimize the chances of chronic disease. 

Manganese content of almonds keeps cholesterol, carbohydrate, and metabolic activities well balanced. Latest research shows that almonds are also a potential source of fighting against the common cold and flu.


Adding just 6 to 8 almonds to your breakfast is good enough to strengthen the skeletal system, reduce osteoporosis, and keep a healthy body. Recent studies show that almonds have high fiber content, reducing the risk factors associated with colon cancer. 

So, it is encouraged to make almonds a part of your daily eating habits. Try this “superfood,” and buy a packet of fresh almonds online from JK Cart

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