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JK Jeera Powder

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A power house of flavour and nutrition since ancient times. A must have in your spice box for everyday sabzis and curries to add instant robustness and depth of flavour.

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    Jeera powder is called Jeerakapodi in Tamil, Jeelakara in Telugu, Jeeru or Jiru in Gujarati, Jeregire in Marathi, is an ancient spice that has a found its place not just in the spice box but also in Ayurveda medicine. Jeera powder is the chief component of Panchphoran Masala, it has a bitter taste with a pungent smell, available dried, ground, or brownish-green powder. Jeera masala is used in numerous Indian dishes like dal tadka, masala Dahi, Pani puri water, raita, rasam, jeera chaas (buttermilk), jeera paani, salads, herb sauces, and more. Jeera powder is added in almost every curry made,vegetable-based dishes, paneer dishes, fried cabbage dish.

    Jeera powder can be used in both powder form and as whole seeds based on what you are cooking. Jeera powder brings out the natural taste of the food and adds a slightly bitter taste to the otherwise plain food. Jeera powder is also used to add Flavour to salads, soups and stews, and many bakery items like jeera biscuits, jeera, and onion buns and more. Jeera powder is famously used in many North Indian dishes like tandoors, Jeera aalo, Punjabi sabzi, the uses are unlimited. It is said that jeera powder and coriander powder make the best combination and are used not just across Indian dishes but also in Sri Lankan cuisine.

    Jeera powder is also one of the important ingredients of chat masala. Buy jeera powder online from JK Cart at affordable prices and enhance the natural taste of your food and enjoy everything you eat. It is said that Jeera powder does not just have the power to add taste to food items, it also has various health benefits like increasing lactation, reduces nausea during pregnancy, stimulates appetite, boosts the liver’s ability to detox, improves metabolism. Jeera powder is also known to have antiseptic properties that help relieve cold and flu. Jeera powder when consumed with water will rejuvenate your skin and give the glow that you always wanted, not just this, jeera powder also helps fight skin aging, acne and promotes healthy hair. Adding jeera powder to your daily diet also helps regulate blood pressure, helps control diabetes, and boosts immunity. With these many health benefits and culinary uses jeera powder is a must in the kitchen, buy a jeera packet online from JK Cart and offer prices today and bring a healthy change to your diet. 

    Customer Reviews

    • Review by Nirmalendu Chakraborty on 23-Jan-2023
    • Review by SANJAY SARBADHIKARI on 06-Dec-2022
    • Review by PIYA BHATTACHARJEE on 05-Dec-2022
      Good packaging....the aroma of freshly ground powder is intact
    • Review by Soumya Dey on 28-Nov-2022
      Very good!
    • Review by SANJAY RAY on 04-Oct-2022
      Good quality.