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Asafoetida is the new superfood you didn’t know you needed in your kitchen. Add just a tiny pinch to dals, stes and stir frys to create mouth a watering flavour.

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    Hing, also called Asafoetida, is one of the most important spices in Indian kitchens. It is a resin-like gum that is extracted from the dried sap of the stem of the Ferula plant and then traditionally crushed between stones. Hing is found in the deserts of Iran, mountains of Afghanistan and it is also cultivated in Kashmir, India and some parts of Punjab.  Hing has an earthy aroma that brightens up the entire house when added to the tadka. The uses of Hing are unlimited, but the most famous use is in the Tadka like the dal tadka and in Kadhi. Apart from these, hing is used in many other dishes to bring the wonderful taste, it is used in Khaman Dhokla, Vada pav, cooked rice pancakes, Masala Puri, Lehsun ka Achaar (garlic pickle), Sambar, Rasam, Khichdi, Aloo methi sabzi, Khandvi, Dahi aloo, Rava idli, bread pakoda, chilva, mini cabbage vadas, bhindi sabzi, palak toor dal, crispy karela, dhai kachori.

    Without Hing, the Indian Kitchens are just incomplete, not just for taste but also for the health benefits it offers. Bored with the bland food, buy hing online from JK Cart at the best prices, and enjoy the wonderful taste every day at home. The main reason hing is added in daily food items is that it has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent bloating, gas, irritable bowel syndrome, and other stomach related issues. Hing can also be applied to an infant or a child’s belly button to get rid of the gas problems they face. It is also known to relieve asthma problems, chest congestion, cough, and phlegm. It also reduces headaches and can heal insect bites and stings. Hing may help reduce acne, bring a glow to the face, act as a good hair conditioner, prevent hair fall, and clean scalps. Hing also acts as an anti-aging mask. Regularly applying hing mask on the face can reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and spots. Those facing dryness issues due to pollution and stress can apply a hing mask to face regularly and it can reduce the dryness. Enjoy the unlimited health and skin benefits of Hing by buying it online from JK cart.

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    • Review by Surajit Mitter on 25-Mar-2022
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      Loved it! Will order again! :)
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    • Review by Achal Jain on 22-Jul-2021
      Wonderful aroma