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JK Poppy Seed Whole

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JK Poppy seeds, commonly called Posto is a must have in the Bengali cuisine. Roll homemade laddoos and make a variety of other sweets for a nutty and velvety goodness.

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    Poppy seeds also known as Posta or Posto in Bengali, Khus Khus in Hindi, and Kasa Kasa in Tamil, are not only common in the Indian cuisines but also popularly used in European cuisines as well. Posta is tiny, blue-grey coloured seeds that lose their narcotic characteristics as they ripen. Posta seeds are famously known for adding the nutty feel to bread, salads, cakes bagels, and more. They are used as sprinklers, stuffing, or as an additive in the European dishes. Other than these, Posta has many other uses, especially in Indian cuisine, it can be used as a paste or ground and cooked with vegetables or other dishes. Bengalis have a delicacy called Posta Bora (deep-fried poppy paste) consumed with rice. Poppy seeds are also used as a thickening agent in dishes like curries, kheer, and other milk-based sweets.

     Poppy seeds are also used to prepare another meal which is very famous in Maharashtra called Pudachi Wadi. Poppy seeds add a nutty feel to the food that we eat. Want to make the simple paratha interesting? Buy JK Poppy seeds online, add a few spices in the mix, and stuff this mix in the paratha, and your simple paratha is now delicious and ready to eat with your favourite pickle on the side. If you love baking, then posta is your best friend, toasted poppy seeds act as the best garnish for most baked items. Europeans sprinkle poppy seeds on candies and pretzels and also use it as a filling for their desserts.

    Not just culinary benefits, poppy seeds have unbelievable health benefits. Posta contains antioxidants and have essential oils that fight the bad cholesterol. Poppy seeds also contain minerals like iron, calcium, potassium, manganese, copper, magnesium, and zinc. Poppy seeds are the first choice of every health-conscious person, one teaspoon of poppy seeds taken regularly balance the blood levels and digestion and control the joint pains. Posto also helps boost our immunity, they even help relieve swelling and pain, apply the paste of poppy seeds on the affected area and feel the difference. JK poppy seeds are of the top quality, they go through rigorous quality tests to make sure our customers receive the best. We believe in offering the best to our customers; hence all JK Cart products go through a series of quality tests before they reach the customers. JK Cart offers premium quality products at the best prices

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      Very nice
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      Excellent experience.
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      excellent quality
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      It's really good
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      The delivery of my package was delayed beyond 10 days. It arrived in Hyderabad Hub on 22nd December 2022 and package was delivered on 2nd Jan 2023 after multiple follow ups with JK Customer Care. Please ensure reliable courier services are used to deliver stuff in a timely manner else this creates a very bad experience from the customer point of view