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JK Dessicated Coconut

BRAND : JK Green

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Add some coconut poweder to make flavourful chutneys, dips, slads and rice dishes. Also, make yummy laddoos and barfis or add a toasty aroma to classic chocolate desserts.

100 g
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    The coconut tree is widely called the Tree of Life in various cultures, and for a good reason - anyone who has tasted the fruit of this amazing tree will agree that it is a powerhouse of nutrition and health, in addi-tion to being extremely tasty! JK dessicated coconut powder will provide the rich, toasty aroma of coconut to classic desserts like coconut macaroons, coconut barfi and coconut laddoo! Add it to cakes, puddings and cookies for a delicious depth of flavour that will get your mouth watering. Ever heard of a pina colada cake. JK Coconut Powder will help you create one, and turn your next party into a bonafide carnival! Commercial coconut milk often lacks the punch of the freshly squeezed variety, so use JK Coconut Powder to boost the coconut flavour by adding a few spoonfuls to a variety of coconut-milk based dishes: Thai curries, Burmese khao suey, Indonesian and malay Laksa, even the classic Rendang curry. Made from the dried white fleshy part of the coconut, JK dessicated coconut powder can also be used in a variety of exotic savoury dishes. Create the south Indian classic coconut rice at home, or add the coconut powder to curries and stir-fries for a delicious tropical twist to your cooking adventures! The cuisines of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka depend heavily on the use of coconut, which means you can make your own homemade sambal! You can even add our coconut powder to homemade granola or muesli - because who can resist the smell and taste of dried and toasted coconut, are we right? JK Dessicated Coconut powder will lead you down many a memorable culinary adventure, so try some now!

    Customer Reviews

    • Review by Surajit Mitter on 25-Mar-2022
    • Review by Kamalkumar Dutta on 02-Feb-2021
      Good quality
    • Review by Pijush Paul on 16-Dec-2020
      Tastes and smells like real coconut. Great job JK.
    • Review by Kedar nath Chakraborty on 13-Aug-2021