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JK Rajasthani Red Chilli Powder

BRAND : JK Masale

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Straight from the Marwar, JK's Rajasthani Chili Powder adds a mild smoky flavour to the indian curries and vegetable preparations. Made from the finest and freshest dried red chilies; experience magic all the way from the land of maharajas.

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The red-coloured powder in the spice box is one of the spices that we cannot cook without. This red coloured powder called red chili powder is the ultimate spice that enhances the dish, making it spicy as per your taste. Red chili powder is a blend of several kinds of dried red chilies ground into a powder form that is either used during cooking or used as a seasoning. Red chili powder is used in numerous dishes ranging from salads to curries, spice mixes, different rice dishes like pulao, biryani, and other vegetable and meat-based dishes. Red chili powder is used in many Gujarati dishes like Khatta Dhokla, Gujarati Dal, Ragda Patties, it can also be used in snacks to give it a smoky spicy flavour. Red chili powder is also used in marinades, tomato-based sauces. The number of dishes that red chili powder is used in is infinite.

 For all the spicy food lovers out there, JK Red chili powder is available online on our website. Why wait? Buy top quality Red chili powder online today. Not just taste, red chili powder also has various health benefits, adding small quantities to the everyday food makes the food a healthier option for everyone.

 The capsaicin in red chili powder acts as a natural pain reliever and reduces inflammation. Red chili powder also helps promote digestive health by preventing issues like constipation and gas. Trying to reduce weight, tried every hack available on the internet? Here is another hack, red chili powder. Yes, red chili powder is also known to promote weight loss, by increasing fat burning and reducing appetite. During fever, cold, or nose blockage ever noticed that the nasal congestion is cleared upon eating spicy food? Red chili powder is known to have antibacterial properties that help reduce congestion and fight chronic sinus infections. To all the spicy lovers out there, you don’t have to feel guilty anymore, red chilli powder has various health benefits apart from just adding taste to the food.

Now, leave the struggle behind to find the perfect quality red chili powder, JK Cart provides a range of red chili powders of premium quality at best prices. There are two other variants of  red chili powder as well, namely red chili powder (hot) and Kashmiri red chili powder. 

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